Donnie Raymond Jr.

Personal Fitness Trainer / F.I.T.T. Consultant

Senior F.I.T.T. Fitness Program

Why try the Senior F.I.T.T. Fitness Program?

  • Learn therapy band exercises that are weight free yet build muscle strength + endurance
  • Maintain flexibility + ROM (Range of Motion) to enhance + prolong musculoskeletal function
  • Reduce or eliminate medications due to improved biomarkers (I.e. blood pressure and body fat %)
  • Prevent or reduce injuries related to falls due to improved balance + coordination
  • Maintain ADL (Activities of Daily Living) into advance age
  • Compress morbidity at the end of life due to illness or disease

Senior F.I.T.T. will help you live a longer and healthier life and have a shorter period of illness or disease in your later years!

Senior F.I.T.T. Gets Results!

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