Donnie Raymond Jr.

Personal Fitness Trainer / F.I.T.T. Consultant

Work F.I.T.T. - Corporate Fitness

THE most effective health program your company can buy.

Employers ... have you heard about the Work F.I.T.T. Program?

  • Improve your employees’ job fitness!
  • A comprehensive fitness plan for improving the quality of life in the workplace to benefit both the employer and employee.

Benefits of active participation include:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Reduction or elimination of musculoskeletal pain
  3. Less accidents
  4. Reduction or elimination of medications
  5. Improved morale
  6. Long-term benefits improve employee retention

*Programs vary from injury prevention clinics to food program design and corrective exercise education.

Work F.I.T.T. is a corporate game changer!

Call today to discuss the many time, energy and money saving benefits of a Work F.I.T.T. Program!